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This Privacy Notice (..Notice..) identifies important features of the Privacy Policy of KredStreet Inc. a Delaware Company d/w/c PsychSignal d/w/c DhakaWork d/b/a SempoleGigs, herein also referred to as “we” or “us” or KredStreet. This Notice summarizes in general terms the rights and obligations of our customers, Members and others who visit our website or otherwise interact with us (“you”), as well as KredStreet Inc. the personal information that we collect from you.

1. Multiple Account : You can have multiple accounts at Dhakawork.com, but there is no problem with job posting. If you work with multiple accounts from one device (as a worker), all of your accounts can be banned. 2. Wrong Proof Submit As an employee, If you submit incorrect proof in the job post donor proof box, then your account will be banned. Here "false evidence" is considered - (irrelevant pictures, fake information, threats, nude pictures, publicity campaigns) Failure to do so will result in submission of false evidence. Go to the comments section of the employer's (app review, Facebook page, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube) channel "Coming from DhakaWork.com, payment or comment using offensive language may result in banning of the account. 3. Satisfaction Level If the satisfaction level falls below 60% you will be given a permanent ban without prior warning. 4. In countries where using VPN is a legal offense, we never allow VPN. We hope they will abide by the laws of their respective countries. 5. Withdrawal You can work on one account from two devices, no problem. You can withdraw money from multiple accounts in one development number. 6) If the buyer does not pay the walkers within the stipulated time after posting the work If the buyers report 'Unsatisfied' to the buyers without proper evaluation, then the "Dhaka Work" authority has the power to take appropriate action if the buyers report against the buyers. 7) If an employee submits a factual report against a job seeker, the dhaka work authority has the power to take appropriate action against him or even ban the account. 8)The Using a WiFi & Mobile Data (i.e.from under a router) can be done from a device / account. "Remember a device." -As a workers. Every job seeker can be dissatisfied with only 12% of their work. If an employee submits an actual employee report against a job seeker, the dhaka work authority has the power to take appropriate action against him or even ban the account. If 10 reports are submitted against an employee in 7 days then the account of that employee will be banned. So please do not be dissatisfied with any real work. I hope you read the whole policy in time. Note that @dhakaworkteam does not ban accounts without a reason.We are moving forward with your trust and love. Your cooperative spirit inspires us to move forward. You should be aware that there are some things that DhakaWark will not take responsibility for. Some functions of the software require the software to have an active internet connection. The connection can be Wi-Fi or it can be provided by your mobile network provider, but dhakawork cannot take responsibility for the software not working at full functionality if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, and you don’t have any of your data allowance left. By using or accessing Dhakawork.com our website and platforms, you agree that you have read, understood and bound by this Privacy Policy 'Document'. We reserve the right, at our own discretion, to change or delete parts of this document at any time without further notice. Your use of the Service will continue after any such change The new privacy policy forms your acceptance. Thank you very much for reading the terms and conditions of Dhaka Work.

The reason why your account at DhakaWork.com has been banned and our policy regarding this ban is mentioned below. Every job seker can unsatisfied only 15% work of their job. If any job sekers unsatisfied rate cross our limit 2 times, his/her account will be ban. And if 3 workers submit real report against any job seker , his/ her account will be ban. So please don’t unsatisfied any real work. Hopefully in time you will read the whole policy. And if you have any questions about this, please comment below, hopefully you will get the answer! Policies.You can have multiple accounts at Dhakawork.com, but no problem if it is for job posting, but if you work with all the accounts with one device (as a workawork) all your accounts can be banned./To access certain services offered by the platform, we may require that you create an account with us or provide personal information to complete the creation of an account .

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