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Current and future world technology based world 6 Because with the advancement of technology, all the work of present and future world is being done through technology

Government, the total number of active freelancers in Bangladesh is 500,000. In other words, about 94% of the total young population in Bangladesh is engaged in freelancing Which is negligible compared to the population of Bangladesh .

It has already been said that freelancing is the most popular profession at present From where it is possible to earn crores of rupees every year But this low position of Bangladesh on this popular platform is disappointing for us.

freelancing is digital marketing

With this big problem in mind, Dhaka Work is working to create more young entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

The most popular category in the world of freelancing is digital marketing In order to create more freelancers all over the world including Bangladesh, we have established Dhaka Work as a platform for freelancers in a very simple and easy way.

We have created Dhaka Work as an up-to-date organization from which any beginner freelancer can get all the necessary experience for the freelancing profession from Dhaka Work.

Through the experience gained from Dhaka Work one can build a freelancing career, build a developed and poverty free society. Which is the desire of all of us.

Bangladesh into skilled human resources

The only and main goal of Dhaka Work is to transform the large population of Bangladesh into skilled human resources.

... And there is no substitute for freelancing in building a skilled human resource With this project in mind, Dhaka Work has emerged as the most popular platform and trainer organization for digital marketing.

We have the opportunity to acquire money + skills here Because just as a person can earn a living by doing small things, so he can gain experience from here..

Thanks to which they will be able to succeed in their future life We have introduced money + efficiency policy to add more manpower in freelancing From where we are the first 6 in Bangladesh And in a very short period of time, we hope to be able to convert a large number of people into skilled human resources within the framework of our financial efficiency policy. After reviewing all of the above, let us make a commitment, "Raise the hand of cooperation of Dhaka Work to increase the amount of human resources, build a poverty-free society.